Q: Why does purchasing a package require discord?

A: We use discord for almost every aspect of the server from support to community building. We also use it to keep records of who has donated and allows us to enable lower level staff members to aid and see these records and assist you. If you do not have discord, you can still make a purchase by sending an email to cakecraftservernetwork@gmail.com 

Q: How long does it take to receive my packages?

A: It can take several minutes for the payments to process. If you do not receive your package after more than 20 minutes, please email cakecraftservernetwork@gmail.com or go to https://discord.com/invite/QKBcHhs

Q: Can I exchange my package for other items?

A: All package sales are final, and cannot be exchanged per our store TOS.

Q: How long do the items I purchase last?

A: All packages are good for life!

Q: Am I allowed to purchase packages for other players?

A: Yes, but please know that the possibility of being scammed is very real, and do so with caution. If you do not feel comfortable using real money to purchase something for someone online, don't do it!

Q: Where does the money that I paid for my packages go?

A: All money spent on this website is put back into the server. Our entire team, from Owners to Helpers, consists of 100% volunteers who receive no payment of any kind for their time or energy spent on the server.